Monday, March 30, 2009

Dylan Keller Redmond

Dylan is here!! I went into the hospital to be induced at 6:30 am on Friday and Dylan was born at 10:29. I think we both were ready for him to enter the world. And Yep, he weighed 9lb 6 oz. By far my biggest baby. He looks huge in this picture but when you hold him he still seems tiny. You forget how small they are in the beginning. He has a head full of dark hair like his sister did. Also on the day Dylan was born we had a crazy winter storm complete with a day of sleet and then lots of snow. I think it will be refered to as the Dylan Blizzard. One proud Daddy
My sweet angel taking a little nap

I promise to post more pictures soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Potty Training

Just for the record I have always been against posting pictures on potty training. Some things just need to be left in private, right? Then I walked pasted the bathroom yesterday and looked in and saw Knox sitting there reading with a cowboy hat on and I just had to laugh. He looked so cute I decided to grab my camera. The really funny part was when he looked up at me and said, "why you take my picture, Mommy?" You just can't explain how cute they are.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

10 year anniversary

I honestly can not believe that Matt and I have been married for 10 years yet at the same time, I can hardly remember life before him. It has been a wonderful 10 years and I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband. He was the answer to a 12 year old girl's prayers.
Unfortunantly, we did not get to celebrate like we would have liked to. On top of being almost 9 months pregnant I have a terrible cold. So I spent most of the day laying down. We did manage to go to dinner and have a nice time (despite the fact that I couldn't taste my food). But once we got home the fever hit and I was back in bed - AUGH!!! But my sweet husband did have these beautiful flowers delivered and it made my day.
The day may not have been how I would have planned my 10 year anniversary but looking back over the last 10 years I wouldn't trade a day or even a moment I have had with Matt. Love you, Honey!!