Monday, January 26, 2009

Knox turns 3

Today is Knox's 3rd birthday!!! All day when we have said "Happy Birthday, Knox", he looks up at us and says "happy birthday". Too cute.
One of the problems with having your birthday so soon after Christmas is that your parents are still frustrated with the multitude of toys you just got and they don't want to buy any more. We certainly didn't want to buy anything with lots of pieces, augh!!! Then I got this idea from my friend Becky..... a trampoline. So, that is what Knox got and he loves it. (thanks Becky) He got a few other things too but still takes most of his delight in just opening the gift regardless of what it is.

When we asked Knox what he wanted for his birthday his answer was always the same, "cake". Nothing fancy but he sure was excited.
Me and my sweet little boy who is growing up WAY too fast. What a blessing you have been to us Knox. We are so thankful that God gave you to us and we love you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thai Pesto Shrimp

I made Thai Pesto Shrimp for dinner and it was awesome!!! It is in the February issue of Southern Living or you can click here for the recipe. My husband said it was restaurant worthy and he would order it again. (:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hobby Lobby

Emma Caroline, with her speech issues, has given us many reasons to laugh over the years. Part of her problem is retrieving information she has in her head. So sometimes, when she is trying to say something, it doesn't come out right. Last night was a good example of that. Matt was sharing one of his favorite things with the kids, a big jar of Jelly Belly jellybeans. Matt handed a bright red one to EC and she promptly said, "no thanks, I don't like those. They taste like Hobby Lobby." This of course made Matt and I look at each other with very confused looks. Both of us trying to figure out what she meant by that. Then she said, "it is too spicy" and it hit us, not Hobby Lobby, she meant Hot Tamales. Gotta love it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun at the Mall

When we are in B'ham we always have to go to the Galleria and ride the carousel. At Christmas all the animals are reindeer. EC loves it, Knox is still a little scared but Daddy was there to keep everyone safe. And yes, please make note that Knox has his thumb in his mouth and his finger up his nose. Gotta love it.

4th and final Christmas

After spending the morning with my family and eating lunch, we headed back to the Redmond's for the final Christmas party of the day. The Redmond party is fun but chaos since there are so many of us. Here is EC with her Uncle Bobby. Knox with Julie and proof that there are blondes in the family.
The boy cousins: Knox, Tyler and Trey

OK, so EC got this cute ATM machine (which is really a piggy bank with accessories). But the funny thing was how excited her 21 year old cousin Rachel got about it. I think we know what we can get Rachel for Christmas next year.

Did I mention it is a little chaotic? I couldn't even see EC opening her presents until the mound of presents dwindled a bit.

The whole Redmond crew.

3rd Christmas

Ok, technically this picture was not taken on Christmas. A few days before Christmas MiMi and the kids made this cute gingerbread house. It all came in a kit and was so easy to put together. Thankfully my mom had the brilliant idea to buy more candy so that some could be eaten while the house was being decorated. I'm not sure my kids ever came off the sugar high but we all had a fun time decorating the little house. So, after opening presents with the Redmonds we headed to the Ramsay side to have our 3rd Christmas with my family. Of course, the kids got a ton of stuff but mainly just liked opening the gifts. I think I could have wrapped a bunch of empty boxes and they would have been happy.

These Superman PJs came complete with a cape. So cute!!
EC got a Barbie and a Ken doll with lots of clothes. It took me back in time (except that Barbie's clothes weren't that skimpy when I was little.)

2nd Christmas

2nd Christmas was on Christmas morning at the Redmond's. This was just us giving our kids the rest of their gifts, Santa's gifts, Matt and I exchanging gifts and Mr. and Mrs. Redmond exchanging gifts. It was a fun morning. After eating a great breakfast we headed over to my parent's house for our 3rd Christmas.

Friday, January 09, 2009

1st Christmas

Since we were spending Christmas in Birmingham we had a mini Christmas here before we left. The main reason we did that is because we had 1 big present for Knox that we couldn't take with us and 1 present for EC that we thought she might like to play with in the car. So here is our "1st Christmas". Here is Knox's big present. Some super sweet and generous friends gave us this train table and train set. As you can tell from his face, Knox loved it. The funny thing is that I think EC has had just as much fun with it as Knox. YEAH!!