Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Dylan

This post is for all our famiy and friends who want more Dylan. Here he is. Is it so wrong for me to say that he is even cuter in person????


Yes, I know I'm a little behind here but hey, give me a break, I just had a baby.... Here are our Easter festivities. First, we decorated eggs, decorated egg cookies and made our traditional bunny cake. It was a fun and crazy day in my tiny kitchen. Let me start by saying how jealous I am of all my friends in B'ham sending me pics of their family outside in front of the blooming azaleas. First, we had a major blizzard 2 weeks before Easter so everything that was starting to bloom was killed. Second, we don't have azaleas in Wichita (tears tears). Third, it rained all day on Easter. Rather depressing. HOWEVER, my parents were here with us and we did get to spend the day with our Wichita family, the Tappans. We ate an amazing meal, thanks again Beth, and hung out watching the Masters on TV. The kids hunted eggs inside, which was just fine by them.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Boxer Dylan Redmond

I was taking some pictures of Dylan and happened to get this cute one. Looks like he's serious about boxing. I sure hope that is NOT in his future.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bath time

My mom was a postpartum nurse for most of her life so if there is someone who knows how to handle a baby, it's my mom. So when it came time to give the little fellow a bath, I had flash backs to my other 2 kids and decided to let the pro do her thing and I would just watch, with my ear plugs in. As you can see Dylan loves bath time.

Emma, Knox and Dylan

We are so thankful that Emma Caroline and Knox have been so taken with Dylan. Emma is a little mother and wants to hold and kiss and help in any way she can think of. Knox acts like Dylan has always been around and doesn't act the least bit jealous. He asks to "hold it" almost every day. He is lovin' his brother "Dywan". Emma has been wanting to feed the baby a bottle so here she is having the best time. She was so very excited to get to feed a real baby a real bottle.